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Master Data Structures and Algorithms

A strong understanding of data structures and algorithms is one of the most important skills a student of computer science should possess. Most of the time, programmers who have sufficient knowledge of this are successful in getting hired by tech giants. What if you decide now that you ought to choose a quality Data Structures and Algorithms Course?You have come to the right place, as here we will provide you with information about some of the best and most recommended DSA Courses that will help you learn and master all DSA concepts from the basics to the advanced levels.

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Data Structures

Master Data Structures and Algorithms


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Course Highlights

This Data Structures and algorithms course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of DS & Algorithms very well. For programming interviews, this is a must-have. The goal of this course is to secure product interviews by providing an understanding of critically important data structures and algorithms, as well as how they are implemented. We will be learning about stacks, queues, links, binary trees, AVL trees, graphs, and various algorithms for sorting, searching, etc. You will be receiving one-on-one mentorship and every concept will be explained from the scratch so that students from any background can understand the concepts and become experts in data science and algorithms. A DSA engineer can earn up to 100,000 dollars a year on average in the U.S., since there are more than 10k jobs available.

Course Learnings

Identify and implement different data structures and algorithms.
Learn how to write your own algorithms and understand if their running time is good.
Become confident when it comes to programming interviews.
Learn how to write and trace recursive algorithms.
Improve your problem-solving and coding skills.


  • What is an algorithm?
  • Data Structure and Types
  • Why learn algorithms?
  • Asymptotic Notations
  • Master Theorem
  • Divide and Conquer Algorithm
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Types of Queue
  • Circular Queue
  • Priority Queue
  • Deque
  • Linked List
  • Linked List Operations
  • Types of Linked List
  • Hash Table
  • Heap Data Structure
  • Fibonacci Heap
  • Decrease Key and Delete node from Fibonacci Heap
  • Tree Data Structure
  • Tree Traversal
  • Binary Tree
  • Full Binary Tree
  • Perfect Binary Tree
  • Complete Binary Tree
  • Balanced Binary Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • AVL Tree
  • B Tree
  • Insertion into B-tree
  • Deletion from B-tree
  • B+ Tree
  • Insertion on a B+ Tree
  • Deletion from a B+ Tree
  • Red Black Tree
  • Insertion in Red Black Tree
  • Deletion from Red Black Tree
  • Graph based DSA
  • Graph Data Structure
  • Spanning Tree
  • Strongly Connected Components
  • Adjacency Matrix
  • Adjacency List
  • DFS Algorithm
  • Breadth-first Search
  • Bellman Ford’s Algorithm
  • Sorting and Searching Algorithms
  • Bubble Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Counting Sort
  • Radix Sort
  • Bucket Sort
  • Heap Sort
  • Shell Sort
  • Linear Search
  • Binary Search
  • Greedy Algorithm
  • Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm
  • Dijkstra’s Algorithm
  • Kruskal’s Algorithm
  • Prim’s Algorithm
Huffman Code
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Floyd Warshall Algorithm
  • Longest Common Subsequence
  • Backtracking Algorithm
  • Rabin-Karp Algorithm

Course Outcomes

Improve your technical abilities by learning with the finest tutors.
Earn Certificate of completion.
Deepen your understanding of Data Structures.
Practice with hands-on labs to polish your DSA skills.
Be eligible for IT jobs in MNC's.

What roles can a Master Data Structures and Algorithms play?


A Data Scientist & AI expert has a significant manegerial role to use data and analytics to build future operations of business.

AI Tools

Use futuristic AI tools to create and optimize classifiers.

Team Collaboration

Collaborating with stakeholders to ascertain the future scope of the business with data and analytical strategies

Analytics Interpretation

A Data Scientist assesses, strategises and implements high level statistical models to bring solutions to complex issues.

Data Mining

Data mining usable data from data sources for the benefit of the organisation.

Data Solution

Developing prediction systems and machine learning algorithms.

Know before you Start

Data structures are various ways to organize data, either a set of items or information. For instance, consider rows of numbers, or lists of names. these are two established data structures. An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure executed by a computer which translates the input into a target output.

Thinkcloudly will help you to become a domain system administrator and our curriculum is full of high quality instructional material that teaches you the skill easily.
Below is a roadmap that you can follow to learn Data structures and algorithms.
The most important task is breaking down the entire process into many separate steps that need to be completed in sequence.

Learning DSA can be broken down into five main steps:

  • Learn a programming language of your choice
  • Learn about Time and Space complexities
  • Learn the basics of individual Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Practice, Practice, and Practice more
  • Compete and Become a Pro

  • There are different ways for learning, so it depends on the individual. One usually needs two to three months to learn the basics and then a strenuous six-month practice to master data structures and algorithms. Why should you learn Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA)? Many people are under the impression that Data Structures and Algorithms are merely an undesired requirement in their computer science course. In reality, they are so much more than that. It teaches you how to be a better programmer and how to think better, which is a skill that will come in handy in the long-term in surprising ways.
  • Senior Data Structure and Algorithms Developer
  • Senior Node.js Developer – Data Structure & Algorithm
  • Product Engineering Manager – Data Structure/Algorithm
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior R&D Engineer
  • BPM Developer – Algorithm/Data Structure
  • Full Stack Technical Architect – Data Structure / Algorithms
  • Data Structures pays an average salary of $118,105 and salaries range from a low of $102,879 to a high of $135,472.

    Skills You Will Gain

    AVL Tree
    B Tree
    Spanning Tree
    Kruskal's Algorithm
    Heap Sort

    Our Students Work at

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    We accept all major credit and debit cards from leading banks. For any assistance, please contact Thinkcloudly Customer Support.
    We offer a variety of ways to learn about the cloud, from quick hands-on labs to technical deep dives. You can ask our experts to help you from their industry experience if you are uncertain which course or plan to choose.
    Certainly, you can set up a free demo session, although if you’ve already viewed any sample recordings, you won’t need to look further. The enrollment process signifies a mutual commitment between you and us where you commit to be a good learner and we pledge to provide you with the best possible learning environment. A key part of your learning takes place in our sessions, which are supported by experienced instructors, dedicated Personal Learning Managers, and interactions with your peers. Get the full learning experience, and not just a demo.
    With a 32% market share among the major cloud services today, we have plenty of AWS Cloud practitioner jobs available.
    The average AWS cloud practitioner salary in the US is $114,334, according to Payscale.
    You will receive access to the LMS immediately after enrolling and will have it for the rest of your life. You will have access to all previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, and assignments. In addition, you will have instant access to our 24×7 support team. You can start learning as soon as possible.

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